10 + 1 230gr (suntoucher) wrote in the_celtics,
10 + 1 230gr

preseason: so far, so good?

so many questions left unanswered during the offseason are now being answered.

the good:

gary payton showed up for training camp.
payton showed up in shape.
payton has taken to the team like we all hoped he would.

a summer off and reinforcements on the court has pierce in a great state of mind.
leading the league in turnovers was a one-time thing for pierce.

the competition between jiri welsch and ricky davis for the starting 3 spot is keeping them both playing as hard as ever.
it is likely that ricky will start, partially due to being more vocal about wanting to be a starter.
jiri will be solid off the bench.

mark blount is not regretting resigning with the celtics.
blount's end of the season performance last year was not a fluke.
he will probably average a double-double with a block and a steal.

raef lafrentz looks healthy.
lafrentz's knee looks strong.
if he stays healthy we will have the 15/8/2 center c's fans have been dreaming about since the chief left.

the draft this year was spot on.
allen and west look like they will contribute if given minutes.
justin reed looks like the kind of solid role player we need.

the bad:

al jefferson will probably not be starting anytime soon.
his post game is solid, but he is totally lost on defense.

banks can still attack the basket, but hasn't developed the court awareness or shooting touch that'd make him a complete pg.

eric williams will not return for another season in beantown.

kendrick perkins's offensive game still needs a lot of work.
his solid defense will still likely earn him minutes at the 4/5, especially if raef goes down.

the ugly:

walter mc is still around.
he still has an offensive game that consists of launching 3s from the corner, blowing dunks, and ... no, that's it.

full mle, a 4.8m expiring contract, and all ainge landed was gugliotta

if there's another trade coming, let's hope it waits until preseason so we can see how these guys do. our first unit looks like it should be among the best in the league. our second unit is young, but hopefully will still get the job done.
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