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10 + 1 230gr

1995-1996 Bulls vs. 1985-1986 Celtics?


there's the poll and links to team info on NBA.com

who do you think would win in a best of 7 series and why?

i say the celtics and the reason is depth. michael jordan is undoubtedly the single best player to ever grace an NBA court, but he is only one man. the celtics had four of the best in bird, mchale, parish and walton. walton may have been at the end of the career, but mchale, parish, and bird were all in their prime. they also had capable guards in johnson and ainge. for those who don't remember, ainge was a much better ball player than he is a GM.

the bulls had a much weaker supporting cast. pippen and rodman were both strong players, but would've been abused by bird and the mchale. longley vs. the chief? what a joke. they'd have to double on whoever longley's man was, and that would leave the other open to score. jordan would probably drop 50 a night for the series, but the big three combined would drop 60 or 70 while shutting down the rest of the bulls.
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